3 comments on “October Is Here! What Are You Watching?

  1. Pumpkin Head is a great film, especially the first one, love the creature effects in that one! I’ve seen a couple of Leprechaun films, they are ok, but I had no idea there are 8 Children of The Corn films! I haven’t seen Hellraiser Hellworld either. You’ve got plenty of great films lined up as well. like the Romero β€œof the dead” movies, they are great as well. I usually watch a couple of horror film on Halloween, last year we watched Carpenter’s The THING and then Night of The Demon. Not made up my mind about this year, might watch something from one of your selection maybe.

    • Oh good, I’m excited to watch Pumpkin Head now! That and the Leprechaun films were just ones that for some reason I’ve never watched. If you need some more suggestions, also check out my “Featured Horror” list over at Letterboxd, those are some of my favorites! I’ve never seen Night of the Demon but the Thing is classic, excellent choice for Halloween =) I’m excited to find out what you end up watching!

      • Cheers, I’ll be sure to check out some of those horror film suggestions you mentioned. Yes, Pumpkin head is very good, the monster SFX are really good. Night of the Demon is an old 1957 film, its so spooky, and the first 15 mins are brilliant. One of the my favourite films. The THING is awesome as well. I usually watch one modern film and one old film on Halloween. That’s awlays fun. When I decide I’ll be sure to let you know.

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